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Video Tutorial: Miniature Park DIY with UV Resin

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UV Resin Craft is now a popular crafting hobby because you can make beautiful jewelry and objects out of it. It is easy to use and cures easily, doesn't have much of a smell compared to commercial epoxy resin.

Featuring in this video tutorial is our latest UV Resin, which has superior transparency to achieve any effect you desired. In this video, our UV Resin was used to make a water tank which you can clearly see other fishes, plants and decoration inside! It is such a cute DIY tutorial, be sure to watch it and be inspired.

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November Christmas Box - Cute Resin Ornaments

Christmas is just around the corner! Are you excited during this festive season? We hope you are keeping cool AND warm during this period, having festive gatherings with your loved ones. In our November Box, we tried to introduce our latest range of Resin Craft plus some festive supplies and items. November Box In the video below, you will [...]

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Sophie & Toffee Club: Japan Craft Subscrption Box + Crystal Nightlight DIY Tutorial

April's Box - Resin Craft In April, we launched our first ever craft subscription box in collaboration with our Japanese partners. The first box was a hit and we were sold out before the closing date! With a lot of room for improvements, we are just gearing up for our new monthly box business. We are busy [...]

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"Always a Princess" Decoden Kit Giveaway!

Sophie & Toffee "Always A Princess" Decoden Kit Giveaway

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January Giveaway: A Collaboration with TodTots

For the month of January, 3 winners will be picked to walk away with 1 month's TodTots Whimsical Box ($45 SG worth!). Just spend a minimum order of $50 SG (before shipping) and you will be automatically be in the draw. The winners will be announced via our mailing list and on our social media(s) and [...]

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How To Make A Rainbow Case with JellyWhip™.

Everyone loves bright and happy colors, especially rainbows!You can now bring these colors onto your mobile case with our JellyWhip™.In this video tutorial, our guest artisan Jackie, uses these supplies:- Glitter JellyWhip™- Cabochons- iPhone Mobile CaseWe are also working on bringing in more solid and thick deco sauce which you can see in the video.- [...]

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How to use S&T JellyWhip™ Decoden Cream Demo + Tutorial

We recently launched a new product which is called JellyWhip™!These are made with transparency instead of the normal solid colored whip. They give an added option to colored whip, whether with transparency, with glitters or just solid colored!S&T JellyWhip™We added the new range of transparent whip as well as glitter whip which we called them [...]

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Create a Sweet-Smelling Decoden with our Creamy Whip

Ease of use, non-toxic and sweet-smelling whip is what can get you started on the decoden hobby! Watch this delicious video on how you can easily create your own yummy mobile case. You will need: 1. Mobile Case 2. Creamy Whip 3. Cabochons 4. Deco Sauce or Hot Glue 5. Pearls embellishments Decoden is an excellent way to spend your time relaxing or bonding with your children. Our Creamy Whip [...]

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Decorate Your Photo Frame: Brighten Up Your Memory Keeping

We all know that besides using our whip and cabochons to decorate your mobile cases, you can also use them to decorate your photo frame! Here's another beautiful idea and tutorial on how you can do it.Deco your photo frame with NerdecrafterDoesn't it makes you so happy just looking at this photo frame? It does for [...]

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Meet one of the Softest Polymer Clay which you can Boil!

We recently launched a series of our own brand polymer clay in different effects and colours. Our newest polymer clay is to achieve ease of use and conditioning compared to other major polymer clay brands in the market. Also, to solve the problem of not having an oven to bake clay, you can actually boil our [...]

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