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July Elves Box: Tutorial on the making of an Angel's Potion

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July Elves Box is about creating magical potions like how you imagine yourself in a mystic twilight world.

There are enough materials in the box to make at least 2 potions. You can however get more supplies from our store to complete your desired Angel's Potion.

In July's Box, you had received the above two molds, our 3:1 ratio AB Epoxy Resin and 2 colorant dyes as pictured. 
The crafting tools featured above can be purchase from our store here.

Instructions of mixing the AB Epoxy Resin:

  1. This epoxy resin is a 3:1 ratio mixing, which means for every 3 part of A, you use 1 part of B.
  2. Pour in A & B in your desired quantity, you can either use a measuring cup or a weighing scale。
  3. In this project, you will need the epoxy resin for the pink molds and you can use UV resin for the transparent mold and the glass tube.
  4. You can of course just use the epoxy resin for to make all of the pieces. 
  5. The drying time for this epoxy is overnight or sooner, because the pieces are quite thin.

You can add in the white glitter included in the box into the resin mixture and separate out the resin accordingly to what you want to use them for.

After mixing up your resin mixture, prepare the different embellishments you would like to use with your potions.
The embellishments above are included in the box, you can of course add more of your own if you like.

Slowly, fill up the glass tube with the fillers and embellishments. After which, you can pour in the resin bit by bit or all at once.

You can then let it cure upright by sticking it into one of the  dome mold hole.

You can mix up the resin mixture further by pouring some into another container and add your desired colorant dye. Use a dropper or slowly scoop the resin to fill up the molds. Let it cure overnight.

Proceed on to make the dome for the potion's cap or you can use the gems mold to make gem cap instead. Fill up the dome mold with your desired glitter or fillers. After the pieces are cured, pop them out and use the dome piece for the cap.

Use UV resin or craft glue to attach the wheel metal piece and the crown on the top. You will then use the cured wings and bow and stick it onto the potion to complete your Angel's Potion.


Let me know in the comments below if you would like to see more of such kits in our monthly Elves Boxes!

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