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Glitter JellyWhip™ Deco Cream - 50 grams

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This is our newest packaging for our JellyWhip™, with 4 sides sealed packet, it will ensure the whip will not dry out during transit or in storage.
These series will have a mixture of small and bigger glitter flakes!

Our Glitter JellyWhip™ is especially made by Sophie & Toffee, it is one and first of its kind!

Each whip is silicone-free, made with environmental friendly ingredients and is non-toxic.
It will have an silicone effect but is totally silicone-free and without any harmful vapors.

Each of the colored whip has its own slight fruity scent, so make sure to collect them all!

The finished effect will be:
Glittery transparent finish, is adhesive and dries hard with gloss.

Each whip comes in a sealed packet, 1 free piping bags and 1 free random design tip.

Main properties:

✿ First glittery whip in the market with excellent transparency
✿ The cream itself is adhesive, hence it holds cabochons well
✿ Dries with gloss and is tough
✿ Made of non-toxic material, suitable for children
✿ With different fruity fragrance

Instructions for usage:

✿ Open the packet and squeeze out the contents into the pipping bag (attached with tip) provided.
✿ Apply directly
✿ Allow 24 hours for thorough dry
✿ Could be stored up to 2 years but use immediately after opening.


1 packet is enough for a iPhone 5 if you are using a 5 star metal tip, however if you are making bigger dollaps, or for a bigger case, you will need 2-3 packets.

Unlike silicone, this is a water-based whip, hence when it dries, it will shrink by 5%. Please take note when you are piping and squeeze more if needed.
However, this improved version has minimized shrinkage!



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