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Pearlescence Oven Baked Polymer Clay (100g-120g) - Soft Type

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This polymer clay is made by Sophie & Toffee to achieve a soft and smooth texture and allow ease of use.
This is an excellent product for beginners and yet at the same time could be used to achieve intrinsic details.

The polymer clay will remain soft until baked, so you don't have to worry about it drying up.
Just keep it away from direct sunlight and store in a clean and dry container.

This is a large block of polymer clay, twice the size of a typical block of FIMO!
Hence, it is handy for any crafting events and you save more with each block.

Those who do not own an oven, you can also use our polymer clay for boiling!
Instructions will be included on each polymer clay.

Main properties:

✿ Easy to use, soft & smooth
✿ Not much conditioning is needed
✿ Bakes wonderfully
✿ You can boil it!
✿ Available in big block of 110grams

Things to note:

✿ Each block of clay is hand-cut by us, so there might be variations of weight in each piece.
✿ The time duration for baking and boiling listed on the instructions will depend on the size of the object, please adjust accordingly.
✿ In some of our polymer clay, there might appear spots or dust. We had compensate this by packing in more clay. You will receive more than 100 gram worth of clay (about 110 - 120 grams).


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