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SUNmini USB UV LED Lamp Resin Craft (24W)

USD $22.42
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Pack Size:
1 UV Lamp
57.5cm x 43.5cm x 38cm
Color availabilty:
Rose / Pink / Black / White
No. of Bulbs:
SUNmini USB UV LED Lamp Resin Craft (24W)

SUNmini Lamps are not only cute and fashionable, they are also created with the technology which protects your eyes from the light.

They are portable and can be easily and quickly charged via a USB cable through a power bank or computer desktop.

This version of lamps have both UV and LED lights, which can cure both our UV and LED resin fast.

It comes with a ON / OFF button at the top, which you can choose to set to cure for 30s or 60s.

For very thin pieces, you can cure it super fast at 30s flat!

Fancy going over to your girlfriend's place for crafting? Just pop in this lamp into your bag and off you go!