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Bezel Metal Charm Resin Craft Bundle Kit (New!)

USD $46.50
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Bezel Metal Charm Resin Craft Bundle Kit (New!)

Sophie & Toffee Bundle Kits are exclusive and limited! Not only do you save but you also get exclusive items only included in our kits.

This resin craft kit includes everything you need as a starter to resin. And if you are giving a gift, this is one of the best gift to give to get someone on crafting!

This resin craft kit will allow you to make beautiful golden bezel metal charms filled with sparkly confetti, stickers, beads and glitters!
Comes mega-packed with 50 over items for you to make those beautiful resin metal charms accessories and jewelry.
We also included a UV torch for curing and scented towels to clean up after your crafting.
These golden open bezel metal charms are of the latest arrivals often seen in Japan.
The UV resin gel (hard) is a full size 25g Sophie & Toffee brand, with crystal clear curing process. Ingredients are imported from Japan.
You will also get Sophie & Toffee newest colorant dye randomly chosen and packed.

Bundle kit contents:

Sophie & Toffee UV Resin gel (25g) x 2
Sophie & Toffee Colorant Dye (color is randomly packed) x 2 (from 20 July onwards)
✿ A UV torch for curing
✿ 1 curved pincer
✿ 1 plastic spoon and 5 droppers
✿ 32 sheets of scented towels for cleaning
✿ 1 premium washi tape for charms backing
12 compartment box filled with cabochons, rhinestones, confetti, beads, and fruit slices
✿ 10 beautiful open bezel golden metal charms
✿ 2 small star bezel golden metal charms
✿ 4 unique watch golden pieces
✿ 8 pots of beads (4), glitters (2) and hologram flakes (2)
✿ 5 pots of different designs of golden foil
✿ 1 pack of mixed pearls
✿ 1 pot of dried flowers
✿ 2 sheets of stickers
✿ 1 pack of golden jump rings
✿ 1 pack of gold chain
✿ 2 golden key chains
✿ 1 pink synthetic bag or charms holder

Note: For all new pigment dyes, the tip has been sealed to prevent leakage.
Please cut a portion of the tip before application.