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Pocket Monsters Shaker Charms (March Elves Box)

17th Apr 2019

March's Regular Elves Box @ursa.crafta Important tips for Pocket Monsters Box: AB Epoxy Resin included is a 1:1 ratio, which can take up to 24 hours for curing. Cannot be c … read more

My Egg Story Resin Tutorial (January Elves Box)

15th Feb 2019

Photo credits  @Linglingcrafting Items in our January My Egg Story Elves Box can now be found in our store! Egg Silicone Mold UV Resin Thin/Hard 25G Blue & Whi … read more

December Premium Elves Box Tutorials

25th Jan 2019

Our January Elves Box from Japan, was not only exploding with items but also exploding with sweet-smelling scents. You can now find the items in this box separately in our store.  Aroma … read more