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Exclusive Japanese Crafting Supplies Raffle Draw!

12th Jul 2018

Every $50 USD (including shipping fees) spend between 12 July to 12 August will get 1 chance to win this raffle.  You might only be able to enter 1 time, but we will take note of … read more

Resin Seashell Charm Tutorial (June's Elves Box)

2nd Jul 2018

June's Elves Box @kisumi87June's Elves Box recommended project is "Seashell Charm under the Stars". Watch through these videos to get a variety of different projects you can do with your June's E … read more

Alice Theme Puffy Heart Charm Tutorial (May's Elves Box)

25th Jun 2018

May's Alice in Wonderland Elves Box @enchantedcollectibles01Everything that you need for this tutorial:Shiny Puffy Heart Silicone MoldUV ResinIridescent Pigment Dye (Blue)Color Pigment DyeCross Star H … read more