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Bronze Metallic Liner for Resin Craft (Made in Japan) - 20ml

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Resin, Water
Bronze Metallic Liner for Resin Craft (Made in Japan) - 20ml

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Metallic Liner allows you to trace out any drawing which hardens and dries to become an outlined frame for resin crafting!
You are no longer restricted to metal bezel designs and can allow your creativity to run through with this amazing liner.
Superb quality and made in Japan. It shimmers in metallic effect when dried.

Instructions in using the Metallic Liner:

✿ Place your design under a clear folder or silicone mat
✿ Trace out your design with the Metallic Liner
✿ Allow for drying at least 20 minutes before applying resin
✿ After 20 minutes, fill it up with colored UV Resin and cure it
✿ After curing, you might want to apply another coat of UV resin on the surface and the back of the design
✿ Coating the Metallic Liner with UV Resin will further harden and enhances the durability of the finished product

Drying time of the Metallic Liner:

✿ Approx. 1 hour (surface)
✿ Approx. 24 hours (complete dry)