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Clear AB Epoxy Resin Hard (Ratio - 1:1) - 140g

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Pack Size:
A: 75G, B: 65G
Clear AB Epoxy Resin Hard (Ratio - 1:1) - 140g

Sophie & Toffee AB Epoxy Resin are made with high-grade materials! The resin will cure fast with high transparency and low odour.
You will expect crystal clear transparency with little or no bubbles.


The mixing ratio for our AB Epoxy Resin is A:B = 1:1
You will receive the A Resin in 75grams and B Resin in 65grams.


This mixing ratio is very convenient and fool-proof, you won't need a weighing scale.
A measuring cup will do the trick, or you can use the bottles to mark off equal quantity each time you pour.


Even if the ratio is a little off, your mixture will still cure (unlike other resin ratio, which accuracy is needed).


Each bottle is sealed at the cap to prevent leakage.


Advantages of using our AB Hard Resin:

✿ Crystal clear, does not yellow over time
✿ Bubbles will dissolve on its own
✿ Cures within 24 hours in average temperature of 25 degrees
✿ Low odour


Estimated drying time in 25-26 degree temperature:

  5 grams 10 grams 20 grams 30 grams 40 grams
Mixing time 45 mins 38 mins 30 mins 25 mins 18 mins
Handling time 4-5 hrs 4 hrs 3 hrs 1 hr 40 mins
Drying time 8 hrs  7 hrs 6 hrs 4 hrs 3 hrs