Disney Villains Resin Bundle

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For Disney fans or not, you get 3 different types of resin and save 20% in this bundle.

In this bundle, you will get:

  • S&T UV Resin for Silicone Molds 25g
  • S&T AB Resin 1:1 Ratio 100g
  • S&T Crystal UV LED Resin 30ml


Advantages of using our UV Resin:

  • Fast curing, within 5-30 mins depends on the light you use.
  • Easy application with screw on cap and small opening pointed tip.
  • Minimize wrapping and shrinkage when used with molds.
  • Does not have strong odor.

Note: The AB resin has a yellow tint but still perfectly fine to use. Once you mixed up both solution, it will be clearer.

Usage instructions:

  • Under UV LED light (9w or 36w) or UV torch, it will take 2-3 mins to cure.
  • Under direct sunlight, it will take 10-15 mins to cure.
  • On a cloudy day, it will take 30-60 mins to cure.

Pack Size: 3 Types of Resin