Travel Size Rectangle Game Board Container Silicone Mold

CHF 19.00

Travel Size Rectangle Board Silicone Mold is an original design produced by Sophie & Toffee.

This mold is made of thick transparent silicone quality with high durability.
The walls of the mold are reinforced with silicone to prevent it from going out of shape.

You can place cardboards or toy bricks to further reinforced the walls to make the mold straight.

Features for this mold:

✿ Exclusive, not available else where
✿ Able to store both travel size tokens or regular size tokens
✿ Easily combined with hinges to make a beautiful travel size board
✿ Can also be used to make jewelry boxes

Watch the demo making your own custom game board:


Pack Size: 1 piece
Material: Silicone
Measurements: 210mm x 110mm