Magical Eggs Resin Craft Kit (Limited Edition)

CHF 56.00

This limited edition kit is designed and curated by Sophie & Toffee for you to enjoy making your own shaker rings and spinner.

Customize your own magical Angels and Demons eggs shaker rings and spinner necklace to use in your gift wrapping for your loved ones!


In this kit, you will receive:

✿ Magical Eggs Shaker Rings Mold
✿ Magical Eggs Shaker Spinner Mold
✿ Magical Eggs Embellishments Mold
✿ Blank Rings
✿ Rose Gold Blank Bail & Necklace
✿ Mica Pigment Powders (Purple, Pink, Black & Red)
✿ S&T Epoxy 1:1 (100g)