Chameleon Colorshift Flakes (6 colors)

CHF 33.00

6 Chameleon Colorshift Flakes have a different volume because of powder's density.  Gorgeous bright color shifting, highly saturated mica pigment powder that will color shift with intense colors depending on the angle.


As compared to fine powder, the colorshift with flakes is more intense and can adhere better on the finished product. 

High-quality epoxy resin pigment powder for you to achieve the most professional and beautiful results possible with your resin crafts! The chameleon colors powder is perfect to create a meaningful resin craft with as a gift, shiny and amazing.


Just buff a little of the powder onto the pieces or you can also buff your molds.

- They will never tarnish and are not toxic.
- They give your resin artwork a real wow factor and create a lovely resin colour.
- You'll need just a little to produce rich and vivid colors.
- Chameleon pigment flakes retain beautiful colors that shine whether mixed with a binder, oil, or pouring medium.


6 Colors:
1 * Green to Purple
1 * Blue to Purple
1 * Blue Green to Purple
1 * Silver Red to Green
1 * Bluish Green to Yellow
1 * Orange Red to Golden

Pack Size: 6 pots
Volume: Approx. 5g per pot