Chameleon Color Changing Fine Powder (6 colors)

CHF 16.00 CHF 22.00

6 Chameleon Color Changing Fine Powder have a different volume because of powder's density.  Gorgeous bright color shifting, highly saturated mica pigment powder that will color shift with intense colors depending on the angle.

High-quality epoxy resin pigment powder for you to achieve the most professional and beautiful results possible with your resin crafts! The chameleon colors powder is perfect to create a meaningful resin craft with as a gift, shiny and amazing.


Just buff a little of the powder onto the pieces or you can also buff your molds.

- They will never tarnish and are not toxic.
- They give your resin artwork a real wow factor and create a lovely resin colour.
- You'll need just a little to produce rich and vivid colors.
- Smoothly ground into tiny granules, these retain beautiful colors that shine whether mixed with a binder, oil, or pouring medium.


6 Colors:
1 * Blue Green Gold
1 * Blue Green Purple Red
1 * Gold Red Purple
1 * Red Purple Blue
1 * Red Green Gold
1 * Purple Red Blue Green

Pack Size: 6 pots
Volume: Approx. 5g per pot