Colored Crystal Gel LED Resin Hard Type (10ml)

CHF 5.00

Sophie & Toffee newest LED UV Resin are made with high quality materials and is SGS Certified.

SGS Certified means that the resin is tested for skin sensitivity and will not damage skin compared to other resin.

You will expect crystal clear transparency with little or no bubbles. You will also notice that there is little or no odor, cures very fast with no sticky feeling.

The opening of this bottle is small, perfect for small crafts accuracy with open bezel charms or small silicone molds.

The packaging is of soft tube type which allows easier handling and lesser of resin wastage.

Advantages of using our UV Resin:

- Fast curing, within 30 seconds to 2 mins with 36W LED light/ 9W UV light
- Soft tube for easier handling
- SGS Certified for sensitive skin with little or no odor
- Made by Sophie & Toffee
- Superb transparency and does not yellow.
- No sticky feeling on pieces after curing

Usage instructions:

- Under UV LED light (9w or 36w) or UV torch, it will take 1-2 mins to cure.
- Recommend depth of resin to use is 3-10mm

Common questions:

- Why does the resin cured yellow?

Curing it for too long under a UV light will yellow the resin. This is a fast cure UV LED Resin, you only need 1 min max to cure the pieces.

Curing it more than a min will result in yellowing the resin.

- Why is there fumes coming out of the resin when curing?

Using too strong UV light will cause the curing to emit a lot of heat at once, which will result in emission of strong fumes and smoke.

This is a fast cure UV LED Resin, you don't need a strong wattage light to cure it. You should only use 9W UV light or a 36W LED light max.

 Volume: 10ml


Watch demo video of resin in action:


Pack Size: 10ml
Color: Purple / Green / Red / Orange / Yellow / Black / Blue