Carousel Silicone Mold

CHF 52.00

Carousel Silicone Mold is an original design produced by Sophie & Toffee.

This design uses a transparent silicone mold which you can create a carousel that can spin.
The bottom design is made hollow, so you can place the carousel on top of any music box component with a maximum width of 6.5cm.
The top and bottom design comes with beautiful intricate design hand-drawn by Sophie & Toffee team.

The horse and the pillar mold is made of superb platinum silicone which has high durability and can used easily with uv resin.

You can also use this mold for polymer clay or plaster crafts, you will be able to get the details easily on your clay.

This is a soft and flexible mold, easy to pop out your resin. This is a shiny mold, so you do not need to glaze the cured piece.


Pack Size: 1 piece or 4 pieces
Material: Silicone

Roof: 3.2cm x 7.8cm
Pillar: 5.8cm x 1.8cm
Base: 3cm x 7.8cm
Horse: 5.5cm x 1.3cm

The best way to make the horse is to use UV resin to coat the both sides and then join them together to finish up with a syringe. Alternatively, use thin UV resin so that the resin can flow down through the small openings at the top.