Disney Crystal Mickey Craft Box (Resin not included)

CHF 103.00

Presenting Crystal Mickey theme goodies, all in a beautifully curated craft box! This box features all of the characters in the movie and allows you to make unique official licensed products.

Crystal Mickey Jar Silicone Mold

Make your own customized crystal Mickey Jar.

All molds in this box are handmade with extreme care and we only ship the best quality molds. The molds are made with super clear platinum silicone which allows you to use UV resin or Epoxy resin.

Mickey Mouse Open Bezel Charms

Make your own customized Mickey Mouse charms or keychains.


This is a limited edition box, and will be discontinued once sold out.

All of the items are exclusive to Sophie & Toffee.

These molds comes with many cavity of each character, where you get to assemble them yourself to create your own charms and accessories!

These designs are original designs by Sophie & Toffee and officially licensed by Disney.  Limited edition kits which you will delight in and ideal for children and family to spend time together crafting.

In this box, you will receive:

✿ Crystal Mickey Carton Box
 Crystal Mickey Jar Molds
 Mickey Mouse Open Bezel Charms x 6 pieces
✿ Mickey Mouse Design Film
✿ S&T Crystal Colour Pigment Dyes (Ruby & Smoky Quartz)

Resin is NOT included in this Box.
You can get your favourite Resin in our store!