Disney Lilo & Stitch BFF Silicone Mold

CHF 10.00

Share your love with our Lilo & Stitch Best of Friends design, where you get to make necklaces for your best friends and wear them together!

Make your own customized Lilo & Stitch Best of Friends charms and you can even have an option to embed small magnets at their hands so that they will touch each other.

The silicone is made of premium grade silicone that is highly durable and crystal clear. This silicone will not turn white with multiple uses. And because it is crystal clear, you can see exactly where you want to paint and where you want to pour the resin into.
The mold is polished and the finished products will turn out shiny.

Pack Size: 1 piece
Material: Silicone

Lilo: 34mm x 55mm
Stitch: 45mm x 47mm