Silicone Mold Maker 200g Putty (from Japan)

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Silicone Mold Maker 200g Putty is a high quality product from Japan, made in USA.

It is easy to use and mix and it picks up tiny and fine details on the final product.

This mold maker can be used with a wide range of products, including resin pieces, UV resin pieces, polymer clay, wood, metal and plastic.


  • This is a 1:1 ratio mix
  • Mix up Part A and Part B equally
  • Place your item into the mixed putty
  • Let it cure for 30mins and your mold is ready!


Note: This product is filled by weight (g) and not by volume (ml).
This is not a food grade mold maker.

Watch the demo video:

Pack Size: A - 100grams, B - 100 grams
Material: Silicone