Photo Credits:  @creativerachy

October Box is Spooky Cute themed, we wanted to curate a box which you can create something that is spooky or creepy but adorable at the same time!

The AB epoxy resin included in October Box is one of the finest epoxy resin you can find. 

To make both the coffin molds, you will need 60ml. Mix A with 40ml and B with 20ml which will give you 60ml for both molds.

All supplies in October Elves Box can now be purchased separately from our store:

Coffin Trinket Box + Shaker Lid

S&T Epoxy Resin 2:1 Ratio

S&T Shaker Oil

S&T Pink Solid Pigment

Glow in the Dark Moon Confetti

Creepy Cute Stickers

Miniature Skull Mold

Miniature Pumpkin Mold

Clear Film (for Shaker Lid)

Halloween theme Open Bezels

Checkout the different tutorials below for how-to and inspiration for your October Box!

November 19, 2018

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