Polymer Modeling Clay (125g - Oven Baked)


Smooth and soft polymer clay made with environmental-friendly and non-toxic materials. You can blend this clay with other polymer clay to achieve the color you need.

Create your planters, use to create realistic stones and a beautiful environment for your terrarium.

If unopened can be kept up to 6 months in a cool and humid environment.
For best results to use within 3 months upon opening the package.


Place the completed project on aluminium foil or a glass plate and let it harden in the oven for 10-20 minutes at 248°F (120°C).


Pack Size: 125g

Colour: Red / Hot Pink / Violet / Dark Cyan / Orange (Luminous Orange) / White / Ghost White (Translucent White) / Yellow / 
Peach Puff (Beige) / Lime / Black