Glow In The Dark 3D Liner UV LED Resin


Sophie & Toffee newest Glow In The Dark 3D Liner UV Resin are made with imported materials from Japan.
The resin is much thicker, like icing - which you can use to make drawings, draw your names, and draw outlines.

The opening of this bottle is a small nozzle tip of 1mm, perfect drawing and tracing.

Advantages of using our 3D UV Resin:

  •  Fast curing, within 3mins, depends on the light you use
  •  Easy application with cap on and small nozzle tip.
  •  Easy to make trace and draw
  •  High quality Glow in the Dark pigments which glows strongly
  •  Colour does not separate
Pack Size: 20ml per bottle
Color: Gold / Black / Blue / Rose / Pink / Green / Apple Green / Yellow Green / Yellow / Orange / Silver / white

Usage instructions:
  • Under UV LED light (9w or 36w) or UV torch, it will take 2-3 mins to cure.
  • Under direct sunlight, it will take 10-15 mins to cure.
  • On a cloudy day, it will take 30-60 mins to cure.