Elves Box Subscriber Review:

"Since January 2019 I have subscribed to the monthly elves boxes for my children – they have been absolutely fantastic. Each box contains really imaginative and creative items and the boxes have inspired the children to become keen arts and crafters.

I am only stopping the regular order because after nearly 18 months they've run out of pocket money to continue on a regular basis! Everything has been so efficient, with boxes arriving on time, and we will really miss our monthly box of surprises – you have an excellent business.

Many thanks, Matthew (Hanslip Ward)."

"My daughter has absolutely loved the boxes - so much so that a Christmas present from a year ago that was intended to run for a few months has extended all through this year!

Keep up the good work...

Best Regards, Michael"

Sophie & Toffee Operations:

Our current shipping turnaround is 3-5 working days.
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Our Customer Service Team is available from 10am to 5pm (GMT+8), Monday to Friday.

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Sophie & Toffee ships worldwide from Singapore.

Covid-19 impact on Sophie & Toffee:

Dear S&T Family,

The impact of COVID-19 is causing local, state, and national governments around the world to issue work and travel restrictions daily, which are impacting the ability for carriers to meet their standards of service. Most carriers have already removed their guaranteed delivery service, and many have declared Force Majeure in anticipation of the delivery delays that are affecting shipping timeframes. We expect most packages to arrive and are seeing deliveries occurring within 6 to 10 weeks from the original ship date. Delays are being further compounded by the increased demand despite the reduced capacity available for transportation due to flight cancellations by passenger and cargo planes. This is causing a high instance of claim filings for lost parcels that are in fact delayed.

What Does This Affect:
March, April, May and June Shipments shipped Internationally

What does this mean for me?:
International claims for lost parcels will require a wait period of 55 days from the date of shipment before filing a claim. Claims for damage, shortage, or lost packages showing delivery can be processed as normal within our normal timeframe. We will continue to monitor the ongoing impact of COVID-19 on the carrier services to ensure the best service possible for our customers.

Due to the dynamic nature of the ongoing COVID-19 situation, information is subject to change.

Thank you so much for being part of our family.
With love, Sophie & Toffee.