Electric Resin Mixer


This Electric Resin Mixer can efficiently mix the epoxy resin to reduce your wrist pressure.  You can control the mixing speed by rotating.  The speed is controlled at 0-180RPM.  Even if the speed reaches the maximum, it will not produce a lot of bubbles.

Double-layer helix paddle structure, mixing capacity is double that of the conventional paddle.  With anti-resin function.  Magnetic design for easy installation and removal are very convenient.  The mixing paddle and epoxy mixer can be separated by pulling gently.  It is small, portable and easy to use at any time and anywhere.

This resin mixer tool is rechargeable, 1500mah large-capacity battery, equipped with USB data cable.  Charging time required, 150mins.

It adopts a reduction motor, with strong compression resistance and durability.  The mixing paddle is easy to clean and can be reused after wiping with a wet towel and washing with soapy water.

Advantages: Avoid hand fatigue when stirring, mix evenly, save time and minimizing bubbles.

Note: The red light will light up when charging and go off after full charge. 


Pack Size: 1 piece