Fast Food Miniatures Kit (Limited Edition)


This limited edition kit is designed and curated by Sophie & Toffee for you to enjoy making your own miniature fast food and cup noodle.

Customize your own fast food miniatures, included 4 colored resin and jewelry to use in your gift wrapping for your loved ones!

Included in the kit are new coloured UV resins!

In this kit, you will receive:

✿ Takeaway Box Silicone Mold
✿ Hamburger Silicone Mold
✿ Soda Cup & Lids Silicone Mold
✿ Cup Noodle Silicone Mold
✿ French Fries Silicone Mold
✿ Nuggets Silicone Mold
✿ Coloured UV Resin x 4 colours
✿ Sticker Sheet
✿ Gold Pearl Hoop Ear Studs
✿ Gold Bracelet