Ocean Jewel Color Clear Color Set

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・5 new bluish colors are in a set
・Good for the expression of ocean, sky, and blue planet
・A fine nozzle avoids over dropping pigment
・Mix well with UV-LED resin for high transparency

【Materials can be used with】
○ UV-LED resin, 2 epoxy resins
△ Silicone, Polyurethane resin
*test before use.
☓ Raw clay, water, ethanol, water base varnish, oil base varnish

【Read before use】
・Drop a proper amount and stir it well. If bubbles appear, remove them before curing.
・Too much pigment cannot cure the resin.
・Avoid direct contact with skin. If it occurs, remove with a tissue and wash with soap and water.
・Be careful not to get colored to clothes, furniture. If it does, it might come out with dehydrated ethanol depending on the material.
・Remove overflowed colors with a tissue before closing the cap.
・Ventilate a room.
・Tighten a cap properly after use.

Shake a bottle well before use.
1. Put 1 – 2 drops into resin and stir it well with a stick.
Add another drop if needed for darker.
2. Pour the resin to the mold and cure it under the LED light.


Pack Size: 5 bottles each 3ml
Bottle Size: 18 mm in a diameter×44 mm height