Super Exterior Varnish Gloss (Water-Based Waterproof)

SKU: 303226

Padico Super Exterior Varnish Gloss is a water based varnish with strong and durable waterproof coating.


Advantages of using this Sealer:

✿ It comes in a big bottle and you can use it with your desired size of brush.
✿ It is ideal for clay, wood, paper, leather, resin, metal, and cloth.
✿ Can be mixed with color paint.
✿ Makes your work water-resistant!

Note: When using Sealer Matte, matting agent may peel color off on the surface of acrylic having bad fixability.


Usage instructions:

✿ Apply your desired amount of gloss coating on your pieces
✿ Wait for few hours for the pieces to air dry thoroughly
✿ Do not store under -5 Celsius

Volume: 200ml

Pack Size: 200ml

Material: Acrylic Polymer Emulsion