Recently, we launched a new type of Japan silicone cream for piping decoden and got one of the popular deco artists (third-party) Erynn to do her honest reviews on this brand.


In summary, here are the highlighted points mentioned:

⭐ Single-use 60ml, no need for storing
⭐ Enough to make 1 iPhone 4/4s case
⭐ Smell isn’t too strong
⭐ Not sticky or stringy
⭐ Not hard to squeeze out
⭐ Holds the shape well
⭐ Glossy shiny finish
⭐ Dries flexible in 4 hours
⭐ Lightweight, doesn’t make your phone super heavy
⭐ Comes w/ 2 free piping bags

Do continue to read the rest of the reviews on her blog and you might be lucky to win a decoden giveaway she will soon be hosting!

December 09, 2013

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