Ease of use, non-toxic and sweet-smelling whip is what can get you started on the decoden hobby!

Watch this delicious video on how you can easily create your own yummy mobile case.

You will need:

1. Mobile Case

2. Creamy Whip

3. Cabochons

4. Deco Sauce or Hot Glue

5. Pearls embellishments

Decoden is an excellent way to spend your time relaxing or bonding with your children. Our Creamy Whip is non-toxic and non-silicone based, which is a good crafting tool for children. Every weekend should be this fun decorating your mobile cases.


Our vanilla scented Creamy Whip is fast-drying and within a day you can already snap on your newly decorated mobile case! Try it out and let us know if you enjoyed it.


Tutorial and mobile case made by guest crafter Coolricebunnies.

September 09, 2015