Whipped Cream Clay (100g)


Whipped Cream Clay came in 3 colours.

This version of our whips are easily to squeeze and apply, with no scent and dries creamy.

These whips are best used on hard cases or surfaces, and you can used to decorate mobile cases, photo frames, containers and more.

Besides using them as decorative cream, they can also be use as part of a charm, to create the realistic whip cream effect.

Usage instructions:

- Make a small cut at the ends of both the tube and the piping bag
- Insert the piping tip into the piping bag
- Allow for 1 day (in 25 degrees temperature) in order for the cream to be thoroughly dry


- Best use within 3 month of receiving the product

Volume: 100grams per pack

Pack Size: 2 packs
Color: White / Black / Orange