Corpse Bride Soap Kit Craft Box


Corpse Bride theme goodies, all in a beautifully curated soap craft box! This box features all of the characters in the movie and allows you to make unique official licensed products.

Soap Silicone Molda

Discover the spooky with our Corpse Bride Soap Molds, where you get to make a your favourite main characters, Emily the Corpse Bride or Victor Van Dort!

A shiny mold, hence your finished project will be shiny when pop out!

Officially licensed by Warner Bros. Consumer Products, first ever curated resin craft box for Corpse Bride. 

In this box, you will receive:

✿ Corpse Bride Design Art Box
✿ Corpse Bride Soap Molds
✿ Opaque Soap (250g)
✿ Almond Oil (10ml)
✿ Bubble Agent (10ml)
✿ 10ml Colorant x3 (Black, Green, Purple)

soap instructions:

1) melt glycerin soap over a double broiler or in 10 second intervals in a microwave until completely melted. you can add 100ml milk at the beginning to make a milk soap.
2) trainsfer liquid to pourale container, or multiple containers for multiple colors
3) add 10ml bubble agent
4) add around 10 drops almond oil
5) add your essential oil, to the smell strangth of your choice, in 5 drop intervals
6) add the soap pigment of your choice, to color strangth you want. you can also add skin safe mica powder for more color options.
7) pour your liquid soap into your molds, and let set completely
8) demold and your soaps are ready, and your molds should be ready to use again!

you can use other silicone molds for soap, but be sure the molds have never been used for resin first! resin is toxic to the skin, so you want brand new molds only for soap or food crafts.