Spooky Cookies Silicone Molds


Halloween Spooky Cookies Silicone Mold is a transparent silicone mold, handmade your own spooky cookies griptok! You can use UV resin or Epoxy Resin with this mold.

It is made with high-grade soft silicone material.
The soft silicone allows easy demolding and is more durable.

It is also compatible with most type of AB resin and with our UV resin.
This is a shiny mold and the pieces pop out of the mold will be shiny with all the details.


Pack Size: A set of 3 pieces (Full Set)
Material: Silicone

Gingerbread Man : 40mm x 49mm
Pumpkin & Skully : 48mm ~ 54mm
Web : 42mm each cavity

How to Use