We all know that besides using our whip and cabochons to decorate your mobile cases, you can also use them to decorate your photo frame! Here's another beautiful idea and tutorial on how you can do it.

Deco your photo frame with Nerdecrafter

Doesn't it makes you so happy just looking at this photo frame? It does for me! :)

And, it doesn't take much effort to make this yummy and gorgeous looking frame! Everything in this tutorial can be purchased on Sophie & Toffee.

Supplies you will need:
Deco Cream
Deco Sauce or Hot Glue
Photo Frame (at your local stores!)

If you unsure how to start to pick your own cabochons, you can simply purchase our grab bags which come with 20 pieces of assorted cabochons. If you have a big frame to decorate, do make sure you get 2 bags.

Sophie & Toffee Assorted Cabochon Grab Bag

Our deco cream are all non-silicone, non-toxic and are meant for DIY crafting. Which means when you use our deco cream, you are doing more for the environment and for your health. 

Our current brand of whip comes in a piping bag and is relatively easier to handle and squeeze.

Sophie & Toffee Creamy Whip

Lastly, you will need a thick paint to create the opaque deco sauce effect around the frame. You can either use a hot glue gun and hot glue or our opaque fake icing tube for ease of use.

Sophie & Toffee Fake icing (Opaque)

Now that you have an idea what the supplies are, let's proceed to watch the tutorial on how you can create this yummy, happy photo frame to display your favourite piece of memory.


August 26, 2015

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