Clear AB Epoxy Resin Hard (Ratio 3:1) - 360g (for deep molds)

SKU: ABR3-360

Sophie & Toffee AB Epoxy Resin are made with high-grade materials! The resin will cure fast with high transparency and low odour.
You will expect crystal clear transparency with little or no bubbles.

The mixing ratio for our AB Epoxy Resin is A:B = 3:1

What is the different with 3:1 and 2:1?

- 3:1 cures slower than 2:1, however this allows more time for the bubbles to disappear resulting in clearer finished products
- 3:1 is more suitable for bigger molds craft and thicker pieces
- 3:1 takes 24 hours to cure beautifully

Advantages of using our AB Resin 3:1 Ratio:

- Low odour
- Cures with superb transparency
- Little bubbles or literally no bubbles
- Safe to use, environmental friendly

- Use a weighing scale for better accuraccy-
- For colder climate, it will take a few days to fully cure.

Mixing Ratio: 3:1
Pack Size: A - 270g, B - 90g