Disney Stitch Surfboard Silicone Mold


Embrace the summer together with Stitch on his icon surfboard! These surfboards have so many beautiful details on them which makes them pop. There is also a ready made hole at the top so that you can hang them up in your car or anywhere else.

Make your own customized Stitch surfboard with the different colours and glitters you desired. You can also use our coconut scented uv resin to create an air freshener in your car!

The silicone is made of premium grade silicone that is highly durable and crystal clear. This silicone will not turn white with multiple uses. And because it is crystal clear, you can see exactly where you want to paint and where you want to pour the resin into.
The mold is polished and the finished products will turn out shiny.

Officially licensed by Disney.

Pack Size: 1 piece
Material: Silicone
Measurement: 29mm ~ 44mm (width) x 110mm (height)