Kiyohara LED & UV Craft Resin 55g


Kiyohara newest UV-LED Resin is a premium resin from Japan. The resin can cure under UV light as well as LED light!

If you are a crafter who is looking for a brand of resin that cures quick with no strong fumes AND will not yellow over time, this is the resin for you.
Also, this resin does not shrink or warp as much compared to the normal ones.

Advantages of using this UV-LED Resin:

✿ This resin cures with either UV or LED light. UV light might be harmful to eyes over time, this resin is the solution.
✿ It can get cured very fast with LED light at 30 seconds and even faster with UV light.
✿ This resin also is thinner, for those who wants to work with thinner resin
✿ After curing, it is solidly hard and waterproof with beautiful high-transparency.
✿ No yellowing of colour after exposed to UV light over long period of time.
✿ As not shrink and warp as much after curing.

Usage instructions:

✿ LED & UV light at 6W, cure within 30~90 seconds
✿ UV light at 36W, cure within 2-4 mins
✿ Under direct sunlight, cure within 60~90 seconds

Volume: 55g

Pack Size: 55g