"Sun Drop" UV-LED Resin 30g (non-yellowing)

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"Sun Drop" UV Resin for Molds is designed with use with silicone molds.  Improved UV-LED curing resin with excellent cost performance & new design.

Advantages of using this UV Resin:

✿ Cured with both LED light(405nm) and UV light(36W)
✿ Less yellowing* issue than previous UV resin.
✿ Good curing result with silicone mold.
✿ Cure starts in a second, and completely done in 30-120 seconds.
✿ Expose the light from top side & the bottom one for sure to cure inside of the resin.
✿ Minimize the warp of the resin in curing.
✿ Due to low heat shrinkage 4%, work well with open back bezels.
✿ Cure well under the sunlight.
✿ The surface of a cured item does not cause stickness feeling.

*There may be a case of discoloration caused by aged deterioration.

✿ LED & UV light at 6W - 9W, cure within 30~120 seconds
✿ UV light at 36W, cure within 2-4 mins
✿ Under direct sunlight, cure within 30~120 seconds


Pack Size: 30g