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Fast Curing Silicone Mold Maker (400g)

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Pack Size:
A - 200grams, B - 200grams
Fast Curing Silicone Mold Maker (400g)

Make your own silicone molds with this fast curing silicone mold maker. It is easy to mix and with little or no bubbles.
This version of mold maker cures within a few hours and does not have harmful fumes.


This mold maker will cure with light blue colour and will be ideal to use with Epoxy Resin and Polymer Clay crafts.
This version of mold maker cannot be used with UV Resin and it is not Food Grade.


How to use:

  • This is a 1:1 ratio mix
  • Mix up Part A and Part B equally 
  • Stir thoroughly, you can ignore the bubbles as it will disappear
  • Place your item in a container or a cutter with a tape to hold the piece in place
  • Pour in your mixture and wait for curing (within a few hours)