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Mermaid Water Globe Kit

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Mermaid Water Globe Kit

Sophie & Toffee Mermaid Globe Kit allows you to make a magical water theme environment.

This resin craft kit includes everything you need as a starter to resin. And if you are giving a gift, this is one of the best gift to give to get someone on crafting!

Besides making a mermaid theme, you can also use the supplies to make other types of theme.
It is entirely up to your imagination!

You can find the instructions here. This kit only has 1 glass globe, but you will be able to buy more globes in our store.

Bundle kit contents:

✿ Sophie & Toffee Clear UV Resin (15g)
✿ Sophie & Toffee Blue UV Resin (10g)
✿ A UV torch for curing
✿ 3 x Silicone Mold
✿ 5 droppers
✿ 32 sheets of scented towels for cleaning
✿ White glitters
 3 types of resin fillers or embellishments
✿ Glass globe
✿ 10 plastic cups
✿ 2 x shaker oil
✿ Mermaid insert