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Milky White Hitohada Gel (100g) (Made in Japan)

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Milky White Hitohada Gel (100g) (Made in Japan)

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Hitohada gel is a type of resin which you can use to make squishy!
It is made from urethane resin that have a softness like a human skin for molding.

There is enough strength even if it is low hardness, and can achieve the softness like a human skin.

The opening of this bottle is small, perfect for small crafts accuracy with open bezel charms or small silicone molds.

Advantages of using this product:

✿ You can use this to make your own squishy!

Usage instructions:

 This is a molding resin material suitable for the creation of the medical model, Hobbies & figure.
✿ Apply baby oil around the mold before pouring in the gel.
✿ Preferably to use silicone material for your molds.

Volume: 100g