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Portable USB LED UV Lamp Resin Craft (24 W)

USD $12.11
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Pack Size:
1 piece
225mm x 14mm x 9mm
Color availabilty:
Portable USB LED UV Lamp Resin Craft (24 W)

This is a stronger alternative of LED UV lamp at 24W, which will allow your pieces to cure much faster and beautifully.

The space is also bigger which allows you to cure together with silicone molds.

It has an auto sensor where it will turn on when you insert your hands or items under the lamp.

It comes with 3 different timers, 60s / 90s / 120s


Because this is USB powered lamp, you can easily plug into a USD charger and powered it on on the go.

Please note that this UV Lamp will require USD power to work, it does not have batteries installed.