Premium Diamond UV-LED Resin (120g)


Sophie & Toffee UV-LED Diamond Resin are made with premium imported materials from Japan. Clear Acrylic Resin which gets cured super fast under UV or LED lights. Proprietary formula that ensure non-yellowing superb clarity and hardness. Low odor also makes crafting more fun!

You will expect crystal clear transparency with little or no bubbles. You will also notice that the smell is of special blend and will not smell as strong as other brands of UV Resin.

This is our newest series of UV-LED resin made to use with all types of project. Curing under normal conditions, your pieces will have minimal shrinkage and can be used for premium jewellery as well as doming.

Our Diamond Resin has been put through testing under direct sunlight for 3 months and did not turn yellow.

Advantages of using our Diamond Resin:

- Fast curing, within 1-2 mins with a 36W light
- Can cure very well under sunlight alone
- Easy application with screw on cap and small opening pointed tip
- Minimize wrapping and shrinkage when used with molds
- Does not have strong odor
- Able to cure in full hardness in 1 min
- Crystal clear with no yellowing
- Special blend scent which is not overpowering


- Under UV LED light (6w to 9w) or UV torch, it will take 30 to 90 secs to cure.
- Under UV LED light (36w) or UV torch, it will take 2 to 4 mins to cure.
- Under direct sunlight, it will take 30 to 90 secs to cure.
- On a cloudy day, it will take 20-40 mins to cure.

Note: Do not use heat gun or torch the resin, it will result in flash cure. This UV resin is more sensitive to heat. Be sure to store it in a cool place.

Pack Size: 120g