Disney Aladdin Resin Craft Box


Presenting Disney Aladdin theme goodies, all in a beautifully curated resin craft box! This box features all of the characters in the movie and allows you to make unique official licensed products.

You are able to make Genie Mirror and Aladdin bracelet charms in this box! 

All molds in this box are handmade with extreme care and we only ship the best quality molds. The molds are made with super clear platinum silicone which allows you to use UV resin or Epoxy resin.

Officially licensed by Disney, first ever curated resin craft box for Disney Aladdin Theme.


In this box, you will receive:

✿ Genie Mirror Mold
✿ Aladdin Charms Mold
✿ Aladdin Open Bezel Charms x 6 pieces
✿ Beads Mold
✿ Mirror
✿ Glue
✿ S&T Pigment Dye x 3
✿ Bead Grommet Washer Cores
✿ Cord Strings & Bracelet
✿ Spout Cups
✿ Glitters
✿ Mica Pigment Powders x 5 colours

✿ S&T Odourless UV Resin (25g)
✿ S&T 1:1 Epoxy Resin (100g)