Gamer Sharp Edge Polyhedral Dice Silicone Mold (16mm)

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This is a S&T exclusive designed silicone mold, made with the finest silicone and is a super clear mold.

This dice mold comes with 2 parts, the main dice and a lid with the blank side number etched on it.

Both the main dice mold and the lid are made of clear hard silicone.

The structure of the mold is made in a way that it will not deform over time and the super clear mold will not turn yellow or dull with multiple use.

This is a flexible mold, easy to pop out your resin. This is also a shiny mold, so you don't need to glaze your final pieces.

This version of molds use food grade clear silicone with a higher level of hardness. This allows greater durability and superb clarity.
However, it will not be as easy to demold compared to our soft silicone version.
It is normal to have slight tears around the opening of the molds after demolding, this will ease demolding and the tears will not show up on your finished pieces.

Features of the molds:

  • Standard 16mm dice mold
  • Wizard font
  • Sharp edge dice design
  • Clear platinum silicone
  • Can be put in vacuum chamber for heat less than 80 degrees Celsius
    (however, note that high heat will deteriorate the molds faster)
  • All numbers are included in the mold, the blank side number is on the lid with an outline to guide placement
  • Works with UV resin as well as AB Epoxy resin
  • Suitable for beginners and everyone!


How to care for your molds:

  • Do not use fingernails to demold
  • Do not torch over the molds
  • Do not pour resin which are not mixed well into the molds
    (mixing in too much hardener will generate a lot of heat at once and will damage the molds)
  • Do not use fast cure resin, it may damage the molds and cloud the molds
  • Do not shine your UV light too close to the molds
  • Do not use too strong UV light (36W is good enough)
  • Use a mold releasing agent or soak in warm / soapy water before demolding D20 mold

We cannot be responsible for damages to the molds for improper usage as above.
Different brands of resin may not be entirely compatible with the molds.
For best results, use our S&T UV resin for silicone molds or S&T AB Epoxy resin.

This is a S&T original design, please do not copy, only create.


Pack Size: 1 piece or 7 pieces
Material: Silicone
Measurements: Standard 16mm