Luminous Star Sand from Japan Okinawa Beach

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Okinawa Beach in Japan has this mystery sand in shapes of stars found only on Okinawa Beach!

These are largely used in resin crafting by the Japanese and they are very popular.
They are excellent for ocean theme projects and jewelry.

This special product is 100% imported from the beaches of Okinawa, where you see it glows in the dark!
These are the actual sand which glows in blue at night at Okinawa beach.

Our star sand are packed and imported directly from Japan, they are sealed in a cute packaging.

Suggestions on how you can use our Star Sand:

  • As a filler in your resin craft for ocean theme jewelry
  • As a mystic sand for your fairy tale garden
  • As a decoration piece part of your dollhouse miniatures



Pack Size: 1 gram
Materials: Sand