Slime Starter Kit

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Want to give making slime a go? You can now get started with this value for money starter kit!

This slime kit includes everything you need as a starter to slime making. And if you are giving a gift, this is one of the best slime supplies to give!

This kit allows you to make more than 2 applications of slime, in fact it has 4 containers for you to store your finished slime.

It has white foam, coloured foam, fake rice, white clay and even the iridescent bubble beads to make your slime creation pop!

Note: The new packaging will no longer have a Box Storage. The box only contribute to higher shipping fees.

Bundle kit contents:

  • Gloves x 2
  • PVA glue x 1
  • White glue x 2
  • Colouring x 3
  • Measuring cup x 2
  • Plastic spoon x 5
  • Crafting tools x 3
  • White foam x 1
  • Coloured foam x 1
  • Iridescent glass beads x 1
  • Fake rice x 2
  • Container x 4
  • Piping tip x 1
  • Hardener x 1
  • Softener x 1