Thermal Colour Changing Whip Deco Cream - 50ml (Free 1 tip!)


Sophie & Toffee latest series of whip changes when in contact in heat.
These whips are made of water-based, entirely silicone-free and non-toxic.

These whips are best used on hard cases or surfaces, and you can used to decorate mobile cases, photo frames, containers and more.

Besides using them as decorative cream, they can also be use as part of a charm, to create the realistic whip cream effect.

Though they do not hold as much details nor dried as rubbery as silicone, they are as close as silicone yet non-toxic!


  • Make a small cut at the ends of both the tube and the piping bag
  • Insert the piping tip into the piping bag
  • Allow for 2 days in order for the cream to be thoroughly dry
  • Wash out the tip for future usage


  • Do not put under direct sunlight during the drying process
  • Purchase at least 2 bags as these comes small.


Pack Size: 50ml