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Rabbit Soft Silicone Mold (made in Japan)

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Rabbit Soft Silicone Mold (made in Japan)

Rabbit designs are always a popular design in girls culture. They are also easy to mix with other kawaii items!
This is a premium mold from Japan, which has different designs of rabbits and other shapes.

Soft Mold "Rabbit" has cute rabbit faces in different sizes.  The additional shapes are small flowers and a pair glasses which can be use to complement the rabbits.
For the flowers, there is a cavity where you can embed with pearls and rhinestones!

The mold is made of polypropylene and it is bendable and flexible. The surface is finished as a mirror-finished surface, which will produce shiny pieces.

Material: PP
Heat-resistant temperature:  70℃ 
Cold temperature:  -20℃ 

This mold can be used with UV Resin or AB Epoxy Resin. 
Because it is silicone, you can easily bend and pop the pieces out of the mold once it is ready.

You can also use this mold with clay work but you cannot bake it.