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Soak & Paint Pigment Dye

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Aqua / Sky Blue / Purple / Lilac / Brown / Light Brown / Sapphire / Green / Dark Blue / Yellow / Golden Yellow / Fluorescent Yellow / Fluorescent Pink / Fluorescent Green / Fluorescent Blue
Soak & Paint Pigment Dye

Sophie & Toffee newest colorant Soak & Paint Pigment Dye allows you to colour your resin pieces by soaking or by painting on them!
This is useful for projects which produce the same type of colours by soaking the same liquid or for small projects by painting.


With 15 colours, the fluorescent ones are named as "Unicorn Pigment Dye".
This range of dye can also be used with our Squishy Gel, though it is primarily for Resin Craft.

You can use it with AB epoxy resin or with our UV Resin. Mix and match the dyes to get your desired colors!
Note: You will receive two bottles for 1 colour, one bottle is for painting application.


Advantages of using this version of dye:

✿ Allows you to use the same colour in bulk
✿ The longer you soak the dark the colour, so you can control the colour shade
✿ Painting on resin is possible with the brush applicator
✿ Add water to dye before soaking
✿ 15 colours, no need to pre-mix
✿ No clumps and mix well